We started making mods for the aircraft we wanted to see MSFS from SciFi X-Wings, Millennium Falcons to Iron Man and Hot Air Balloons. The more time we spent making them the more we learnt and started to branch out to ‘real’ fighters both past and present.
Every build we do we get a little bit better and love to share everything with our followers, for free.

Why Patreon
We set up a Patreon site to help us create bigger and better mods for MSFS allowing us to purchase assets, commission designs to get even more creations into the skies.

If you like what we do, we would love a little amped up support in this method, and what we receive will help fund more mods for you, our Squadron Pilots 🙂

Any amount will be appreciated, and all supporters will get early access to our mods as we test them, starting with our upcoming Airwolf mod.

Supporters who pledge USD $10 or more can request for their name or call sign to be added to the canopy, or logo on Airwolf or another of our mods.

We’re open to feedback so feel free to reach out to us at with your input / questions as we try to figure it out.