After what feels like forever, we have made a test version of our Airwolf mod available here – Still work in progress but we thought we have a version that is stable enough that we could share. With landing gear, and animated weapons (triggered with Alt-H) Thanks to TheAlx for sharing a version of…

Added FPV Drone with Fireworks

I fly FPV drones for fun and thought this would be a fun one to add to be able to do virtual flights that I’d never be able to do in real life 🙂 Such as flying through fireworks … so this mod allows you to launch your own (or a swarm of mini drones…

“To Infinity … and Beyond !”

Been wanting to add this for awhile now. Available from Wings animation triggered with Alt-H, helmet animation with Alt-N Flight model based on Touching Cloud’s awesome Jetpack JW1 – Smoke ribbon also from Model from The Buzz model actually has eyes but I thought the default eyes closed pose matches his…

LEGO Republic Gunship

Available at Inspired to add this after seeing the LEGO UCS Republic Gunship released recently. Awesome model from Added animations for the panels (Alt-N) and the back door (Alt-H). Test flight video: Update 17 July 2021: Added LEGO Clone Troopers from

Added Batmobile

Been wanting to add this for awhile now. Available at Chose this awesome model, modified and animated it’s “wings” a bit, gave it a bit of a semi-working interior 🙂 Doors triggered with light beacon switch (Alt-H), wings triggered with flap. Test flight video: Multiplayer video: