About Flight Sim Squadron


Oct 7 2020:

I love flying games, space shooters, all things Sci-Fi, but I had never understood the appeal of a Flight Simulator.

I tried Microsoft Flight Simulator at launch via Game Pass PC and I was blown away by its ability to whisk me away to anywhere in the world and we all certainly need the level of escapism it brought in these time.

When I learned that there is an SDK for the platform, that took things to a whole new level for me. Rather than wishing someone or some company would add something to the sim, it seemed like we were entrusted with the keys to add our own creations ….

And so I had a go at trying to work out how to do this, by following tutorials shared by those who had done this, asked questions on forums and launched my first creation … an X-Wing that flew and sounded like a single engine plane …. but the fact that I could fly an X-Wing anywhere in the world blew my mind …

I started sharing some of my janky creations and while I did cop some criticism from some hard core sim players, I was blown away by the coverage it received, such as on PCGamer, TheVerge and Sixth Axis.

Update 8 Jan 2021: Star Wars mods got featured on IGN !

I started sharing some of my work with KingDMac, who I had worked with on a previous Star Wars Flight Sim project and we started “Flight Sim Squadron” and he brought a whole new level to the aircraft with his modelling and animation skills.

We have no idea where this can take us but we’re learning more each day and every day we’re bursting with ideas of aircraft to add, features to add and this is just for mods that we want to fly ourselves. If there are others who like it, then we’re glad as well 🙂