Testing VTOL with F-35

Some test videos trying out VTOL with the F-35 by controlling a second engine separately.

Coming soon to [Update 13/4/21] Available now at https://flightsim-squadron.itch.io/flightsim-aircraft/devlog/242272/f-35b-vtol-first-vertical-take-off-jet-in-msfs

Second engine animation triggered with spoiler key.

My HOTAS (Thrustmaster 4) only has one throttle stick though so I mapped the second throttle to the rocker. This is where better HOTAS like the T.1600OM would shine.

First attempt didn’t go so well 🙂

Fared better on second attempt .

Tricky getting the balance right but when it works, the results are something else !

Some multiplayer footage at Sydney:

Testing at NZQN:

If this is successful, might see about adding this flight model to some our Star Wars ships too 🙂 And Airwolf 🙂

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