Thunderbirds are Go !

Available at the “Fantasy” project –

(Could’ve been Sci-Fi but that project was getting crowded too)

My son was a big fan of the show when he was younger so I’ve always had a soft spot for it.

Using awesome model shared here.

It’s not to scale, has no interior, has no animation, doesn’t fly very well, might be better launched with a catapult off a ramp like in the show 🙂

Update 31-1-21:

Added animation below. Triggered by Flap key.

Link to video testing animation and test flight:


When I first added the animation, the height was wrong so it was more like a submarine 🙂

Sinking feeling …

Had to set the target height first, then had to re-do the animations (setting height in flight_model.cfg didn’t seem to make a difference for me)

Got the result below and had to work out best way to hide the legs when lowered:

Legs sticking out

Tried setting scale to 0 with keyframe and got the funky result below:

Hiding legs using scaling to 0

What it was looking like in Blender:

Final result after lots of trial and error:

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