Added Discus Glider

KingdMac and I recently collaborated with NewkTV for the Discus Glider shown below.

Available here –

It’s still in development but I think it’s already more polished than a lot of my current mods.

It provides for a really awesome gliding experience in VR.

It has no engine to simulate the actual glider experience so you’ll need to use the Winch with the Kinetic Assistant to launch it.

Test flight video below showing the use of it to launch it.

Kinetic Assistant app screen not recorded though as it’s an external app but essentially the high level steps are:

  • launch Flight Sim and spawn at runway,
  • launch Kinetic Assistant and click on “Connect” to connect it to Flight Sim
  • engage parking brake,
  • click “Attach winch cable”,
  • release parking brake.

It was a great learning experience for me as I wasn’t aware of the SDK’s Environment Occluders for things like rain effects (demonstrated in the video below).

And that animated canopy … It’s so awesome I could sit in that cockpit and just looking at it open and close and enjoy the rain effects in VR 🙂

Other test flight videos from NewkTV:

– EggMan28

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