Updated deLorean

I’ve been wanting to update the deLorean mod we had, especially after the VR update, and to add animation.

Took awhile but here is the updated deLorean mod in our Sci-Fi project.

Showing car mode and flight mode, with the Landing Gear switch to toggle the animation.

Test flight video:

Based on this awesome model shared here. There’s a very unsafe spiky looking mesh in the cockpit (dashboard) that got exported with the model conversion that I haven’t cleaned up….

Update 5/1/21:

I had a go at animating the doors and letting it be triggered with the Flap switch. It works but for some reason the wheel animations are reversed.

Can’t seem to change that so uploading as is for now but as a different file (“flightsimsquadron-delorean-doors.zip”) for those that prefer the previous model.

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