The Snowspeeder was one of the first mods I added after the X-Wing when I first started modding but the model I used back then was pretty basic and there was no cockpit.

With the VR update, I thought the Snowspeeder could do with a refresh so I searched for a better model and found this awesome one.

Replaced the previous older one in the Sci-Fi project –

Update 6/1/21: Animated the airbrake flaps. Triggered by Flap switch.

Ideally would be triggered by brake switch but can’t see option for that. Also not sure if it would work during flight so flap trigger it is.

Airbrakes closed and open

I imported the model and had to remap the textures, which was quite a fun task. Reminded me of applying decals on a virtual model kit.

Not only does it have a cockpit, it has 2 pilots and looks awesome in VR.

Link to test flight video with the AT-AT scenery (also available in the Sci-Fi project)

Testing Air brakes / Flap animation

Video of previous more basic version:

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