Building Interiors

With most of our mods, the key trend is they must look great from the outside but often once you snap the first few pics it leaves you wanting more.

Over the past few weeks of searching we found that cockpits are something that the online model libraries lack, and is why we have decided to invest some time to learn how to model these in order to bring them into our aircrafts.

This is a steep learning curve but pretty interesting. I will be sharing some of my findings + super hacks to get something in the air as fast as possible.

The first cockpit we are trying to build from the ground up is the F22 Raptor. This is the process we have taken to see what is possible.

I learnt a very powerful feature of blender here called knife project and I’ll tell you its amazing.

Basically you trace the outline of a cut over a simple mesh, then it projects the cut onto the underlying surface, delete the stencil and your mesh has the shape you want. Now its only a matter of extruding it to the desired height.

Clean surface to start
Draw your shape on top and project
Your mesh now has the desired cut to then extrude out

This is the video I learnt this trick from, thanks again Gleb Alexandrov for your amazing tutorials !

I will update on the progress over the next few weeks but this is the current state of the cockpit in writing this post

F22 Raptor Cockpit from some Google images as reference


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