2020 Wrap-Up

So we thought we’d wrap up 2020 with a bit of a summary of our progress so far, some project changes, and thoughts going forward.

We started with just a janky X-Wing that was just the “SimpleAircraft” sample with a different exported model, and I was so excited by the possibilities … There was no animation, custom sounds, working cockpit …

That was back in Sept, just after Flight Sim launched and after some trial and error with the SDK. We created separate projects when the initial “Sci-Fi” project started getting too large, with the “Aircraft” project.

Below is a compilation video I made with some of our mods. I couldn’t fit everything in ..

So it’s the end of 2020 and we’re blown away by the support we’ve been shown, with a summary of the views, downloads stats at the end of 2020 below:

Flight Sim Sci-Fi Ships48,671107,665
Flight Sim Squadron – Aircraft26,82490,690
Animated Millenium Falcon, X-Wing, Imperial Shuttle, Razor Crest10,0329,635
Flight Sim Fantasy3,3152,208
Flight Sim LEGO1,8342,814
Total (including downloads from other sites eg flightsim.to)95,440211,420
Summary at 29-12-2020

We are still having fun making new mods and still learning more about what can be done and are happy to share our releases, even if they are not as polished as others.

We are also trying to see what Project categories make sense as the “Aircraft” category is getting too large, so we are going consolidate them into the following categories:


  1. Sci-Fi – including all those from the Animated Star Wars ships project
  2. Military Jets – including those from Season Pass 2020 now that 2020 is over
  3. Historical – aircraft which are historical including those from previous World Wars
  4. Fantasy – Might spin off to separate “Comic Book” project if this gets too large.
  5. Current – This would be for aircraft that don’t fit into any of the other projects and expected to be current civilian and recreational aircraft.

Hopefully these projects will be sufficient for now but we can tweak them going forward too if required.

We might also archive some of the older ones which don’t have high download counts and we’re still trying to improve the ones we’ve released.

I’m excited for the VR release which has made some of the mods feel more awesome (such as flying on the back of a dragon), but also shone a glaring spotlight on some aircraft that have shonky (or no) interiors so that’ll be on the list of things to improve if we can.

The following have been the top downloads for 2020:

Millenium Falcon10,007
Tie Fighter6,944

Thank you all so much for your continued support and we look forward to getting your feedback as well on the existing channels !

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