VR support is live !

I kept my expectations low with my low-mid range setup (Ryzen 5 3600, 1660 ti GPU, 32 GB RAM) but I was blown away when I gave it a go.

I had some initial steps to jump through to get it to work with my Quest 2 and Virtual Desktop, following steps here – https://www.reddit.com/r/OculusQuest/comments/kikre9/how_to_launching_fsim2020_vr_on_your_quest/

I then used Oculus Casting to mirror the Quest 2 output to my PC to record the footage below. I tried using Xbox Game Bar to record the game footage but it split the view.

I can’t wait to try the rest of our mods in VR, especially the ones with minimal cockpits, like the Speeder Bike, Ultralight, Glider, and any of the cars really…

Feel free to let us know how you are finding our mods in VR and any feedback as well !

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