Working Internals

Recently we have been experimenting with enabling internals within the cockpits of our aircraft. After a lot of trial and error we were able to crack the method of linking the 3D models, animations and meshes into the MSFS SDK. Its by no means perfect as the XML file that does this translation is 759 lines long.

Linking throttle leavers from the 3D model into the MSFS SDK Flight Model

Working out how this system was constructed was a pretty fun challenge and I have a lot of respect for the Asobo Studios team.

These are a few snap shots of the soon to be released F-14 Tomcat with some working internals.

Thruster Controls
Flap Controls

This is the list of working internals that we have included so far. The reason why we chose not to include all as the 759 line XML file speaks for itself, there are a lot of knobs and switches that need to be individually modelled, animated and tested

I was able to get the following working:

  • Thrusters 1 & 2
  • Flaps in all 3 positions states
  • Yoke – Forward, Backwards, Left and Right
  • Rudder Pedals

Additional to this are the displays for Speed, Altitude and an overall summary dashboard in centre view.

This new version should be in the F-14 here –

Next Steps:

Right now the F-14 and F-22 hit around 800 knots but this is far below their real life performance targets.

Next step, performance …


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