F117 – Night Hawk: Stealth Bomber

I have just started the process to create the Night Hawk Stealth Aircraft for MSFS 2020 and also trying to bring in as many new features as I have learnt from starting modding for the SIM. Starting small has ended becoming a huge beast, much like any passion project.

The goal I am trying to achieve are the following:

Working exterior:

  • Rudder, ailerons and elevator
  • Landing gears


  • At least some of the dashboard gauges

This has proven to be a beast in itself as there isnt too much reference footage on flaps and rudder movements. I discoverd that the F117 has what they call a pelican rudder or VTail which means the angles are different to other aircraft. Its tail acts both like a rudder and elevator making it very efficient as a design. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V-tail

Basically its a Ruddervator! Does the job of 2 things simultaneously.

Flight Control Surfaces (Part Two)

This is a great youtube video explaining how this works

In terms of the modelling, the original model had the entire mesh combined so I had to manually go in an separate the meshes into groups for the flaps, winds, rudder and most importantly landing gears. This was a very time consuming process as certain parts had overlapping faces on the mesh, which meant I had to select each one by one to pull out the objects I needed.

Overall it was a great experience with over 25 hours sunk into this one

Head over to https://flightsim-squadron.itch.io/flightsim-aircraft and pick up the F117 to try out


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