Ultralight – Special Request

Over the past few weeks we have been speaking with a passionate Ultralight pilot; Andrew, in creating an aircraft to add to his Squadron. He is a seasoned pilot and wanted to bring into MSFS something from his real world to try out, the Ultralight.

This is just a short post to showcase the steps that we took to bring something to life for him

This is the comparison from the Base Aircraft(Sketchfab Model) to the updated Ultralight model we created.

This is the side profile view
Notice the placement of the motor from the front to the rear and reduction of the struts to the wings
We also enabled some Gauges in the cockpit and included foot wells

First few flight tests – so far so good

Shifting a few items such as lights and contact points

The flight model has been updated and the engine config is the same as the Icon A5. It was challenging to get the balance right and for not its a little bit overpowered for an Ultralight but with a little tweaking it can become more realistic. Feel free to update the engine.cfg file and flight_model.cfg files. If you strike a good balance please let us know and we will update these and put it in our squadron for everyone to enjoy.

Key Figures on the Build:

Hours spent in modelling + Texturing + tuning14
Number of builds12
Number blank project restarts because of a corrupted file (what a pain) because of the gauges5
Number of times I had to restart the game to tweak something15

This was a great little project as we were able to dive into creating Gauges for Aircraft allowing pilots to fly in cockpit with some information – this is a start of things to come.

Pick up your copy on our Aircraft page here at https://flightsim-squadron.itch.io/flightsim-aircraft and thanks again to Andrew for his inspirations in creating this one.


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