Razor Crest – open door version

As a tribute to the Razor Crest that’s been taking a beating and keeps on flying (even with its doors unable to close) in S2 E2 and E3 of “The Mandalorian”, I thought it would be novel to add a version of the Razor Crest that flew without its doors closed.

Available on the Sci-Fi ships project here.

The original version of the Razor Crest model shared here is shown below.

We thought it would look too bizarre to have it fly with its doors open like that so we modified the model to seal the doors, removed the landing gears (as we didn’t know how to animate those at that time).

So I packaged another version for fun as per the original model.

Test flight video. Also tried adding custom sounds. The engine sounds a bit wonky but I guess it fits the condition of the Razor Crest after taking a beating 🙂

Also added custom sound for the Flaps action, with Mando going MC Hammer on the Child 🙂

Some videos of tweaking done in the SDK to adjust the lights position.

And the interior camera position:

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