Aircraft Gauges – Yeah man!

With every new aircraft we create we try push the envelope on making each Flight Sim Squadron downloadable even better than the last.

We have recently been pulling apart many forums, video tutorials, and crawling threads in trying to work out how to create active gauges for in cockpit flight controls with the SDK.

As of a few nights ago I had some success in producing some results which you can see by this screenshot here in our T40 X-Wing (soon to be released)

What I am working on next is to create custom buttons that trigger the foils to fold and unfold like the previous version we uploaded on our animated Star Wars aircraft page not using the ‘G’ key but rather the Flaps feature allowing varying degrees to open – gotta make it cooler that it is.

Current animated version

Stay tuned as hopefully I can get this up and running for everyone to enjoy. It will also be part of our Animated Star Wars ships page.


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