F22 – Upgrade

About a month ago we launched the F22 on the FlightSim Squadron Aircraft page which was my first attempt at creating my favourite jet fighter and putting to the test all that I had learnt at the time around creating landing gears within the MSFS Software Development Kit (SDK).

What you all might not know is that I had to optimise the model, insert new pivot points for each of the landing gears and sub flaps, and make it as close to what I could from reference material on youtube.

The F22 is my favourite jet fighter, ever since I played F22 Lighting 2 on PC (my chugging pc with 10 FPS at the time, but I loved it.

Because of this love for the F22, I had to make it as best I could.

As of writing this article, the F22 has had nearly 8000 downloads and while this is amazing (thanks to everyone for the amazing support!), I know I can make it better.

Right now I am building all working flaps, ailerons and rudders for this aircraft.

Flaps Down
Flaps up

The final tweak is the cockpit, I mean there is nothing wrong with the lego block like one that is currently in there, but my ultimate goal is to model at like for like one to the original with working parts.

Super Blocky Un-Textured Cockpit

Stay tuned for new updates on the F22 over the next month, I will release parts as soon as they are finished.


  • Rudder, Flaps, Ailerons (should be done by tonight)
  • Enhanced flight dynamics, engine and aerodynamics (thanks to Evanburnsdev and Kingtupper for providing their findings, you are a bunch of legends)
  • New cockpit with textures
  • Liveries!


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