Hot Air Balloon

There was some interest expressed for something like this and it seemed like a fun one to add so here you go 🙂

Available from along with a few other custom versions.

Lots of 3D models for this and went with this cool one. It even has some dials / gauges in the basket (not working as we don’t know how to use the SDK for those yet).

Obviously doesn’t actually fly like a balloon but feel free to tweak the flight_model.cfg file to what works best for you and feel free to share the results if you like.

I’ve not been in one in real life but the sense of immersion I got with head tracking and Rift in the basket was quite amazing … Can’t wait for VR support 🙂

We’re also open to commission work for custom versions or logo / textures so feel free to contact us if interested.

Demo video of custom version with burner animation and sound:

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Morry Maj says:

    What are the controls, it ignores my flightstick as does the blimp?

    Kind Regards.


    1. eggman28 says:

      Hi, it should be controllable like the other planes. To make it take off vertically you can also use “slew mode”, ie press Y, press F4 a few times until you reach your desired altitude, then Y again to exit slew mode.


      1. Morry says:

        My apologies for the query. I now realise that I had ‘take-off assist’ on and it appears that MS takes over and ignores any inputs that contradict its perception of what you are doing!

        Many thanks,



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