F-14 – Building the icon

Building the F-14 has been quite a challenge. This aircraft has multiple moving parts which in turn makes it such an awesome aircraft to look at, but a crazy one to do it justice. The most amazing feature about it are its swing arms where it can change angle based on the pilot preference.

Additional to this are the landing gears. The model we use has multiple parts to each gear including sub compartments and wheel shocks that need to be adjusted

This is a video on how I setup the armature rig inside the aircraft to achieve the final version that you will see in our trailer.

As I further enhance this amazing aircraft I will update this post so stay tuned.

Key Figures on the Build:

Hours spent in modelling so far18
Number of builds20
Number of times I had to restart the game to tweak the position of the aircraft. Wont lie the intro is great the first few times but then …25

But I still love doing it especially seeing some of the feedback we receive.

Link to the animated F-14 here

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