Hello MSFS SDK and r/FS2020Creation

After discovering that MFS provided an SDK to build on the platform with, my mind was blown. I found the awesome FS2020Creation group and followed some tutorials on adding custom scenery.

I had a go at trying to add missing scenery (Sydney Tower specifically) but found the model imported from Google Maps quite a blurry mess and a much better version was released before I cleaned up my version so I turned my attention to my other passion, Star Wars šŸ™‚

When trying to decide what scenery I could add (as that’s all the tutorials showed), I thought maybe a Star Destroyer, and so I looked online for a downloadable 3D model, picked an awesome one that was shared online, made it available via a project I set up on itch.io as I had used it for my previous pet project, Star Wars Flight Sim (which has been parked ever since this came into my life)

I posted my first creation with that group on Aug 28 2020

First mod – Star Destroyer in Sydney Harbour

I couldn’t work out how to lift it off the ground initially but released it, “floating” in Sydney Harbour as I thought it looked amusing that way too šŸ™‚

I later learned from the helpful modders on that awesome Reddit group that I had to go to “Properties” and uncheck the “Snap to Ground” option to be able to lift it off the ground.

So I released an update the next day:

And so it began ….

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