Gundam Unicorn at Odaiba

So before the awesome Japan update, Odaiba looked nothing like the real place and more annoyingly for me, the awesome Gundam Unicorn statue wasn’t there either.

I was blown away when I got to see it in real life in 2019 and thought this would be a good thing to add to the sim.

I tried to find version of Gundam Unicorn that matched the real one

And this model was what I thought was the closest so I packaged it and released it

I knew it wasn’t that tall in real life but thought it would make it look more dramatic.

I then later was told that I also had placed it in the wrong part of Odaiba which was more obvious after the Japan update πŸ™‚

The Japan update had the Gundam RX-78 though so I scaled my Unicorn down and placed it right next to it πŸ™‚

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